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Run from Argassi up Mt Skopos

(Zakynthos/Zante, Greece)

From Argassi head South, past the Green frog, round the bends and up hill.  After the very sharp left hand bend there is aright turn towards the mountain.  

The path forks - take the RIGHT fork not the left (the left takes you through a new estate of holiday homes and is further).  Then just follow the path to the radio mast.   

To get to the monastery take a left turn - it feels like you are trespassing on the radio mast property but actually it goes past to the left of it.  Then go through the gates and the monastery (basically a white church) is round the back of the steep rocky outcrop. 

If you go through the Monastery there is a nice viewing area to the East, overlooking Zante town.

 If you cross the field to the West of the Monastery (i.e. right) you get great views of the airport and Kalamake.  The path down from there is very overgrown with nasty brambles so I wouldn't recommend attempting descent on the West side off road, go back the way you came.

Take lots of water, cap, glasses and mobile just in case.  There is a spring near the mast but I don't know I would risk it.

  Measured Statistics
Distance 6 .5 to 7.5 miles, depending on what you do when you are up there.
Total Climbs 1,600'




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13 September 2007