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  Two Crosses Circuit
LDWA event, Tottington

Two crosses circuit 2011 - a gastronomic extravaganza

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 18 Miles 16.7 miles 25 Miles 25 miles
Total Climbs not advertised about 2,300ft not advertised about 3,000ft

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18 miler GPS watch download (thanks to Mark Kelly for uploading this)

Garmin and Google Earth electronic traces

2010 results and 2011 results for 18 and 25 miler (data for 25 miler thanks to Paul Leary)

2014 partial results for the short and long routes

2009 - write up.

Well, all I can say is you won't starve on this one!

I hadn't done an LDWA event before so I didn't really know what to expect.  How pleasantly surprised I was.

Both runners and walkers are welcome to these North Manchester events, on both the 18 and 25 mile routes.  We arrive din darkness at the ridiculous time of about 7:15 am.  Registration was packed, with lashings of tea being given out and toast popping up.  All you want for free.

On the way round there were sweets, a tent with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cakes.  At the checkpoint north of Bull Hill there was even tots of brandy and whiskey on offer!

Afterwards there was a feast.  Home made chunky veg or lamb + veg soup, big crusty bread, big apple pies (with custard if you want), jam roll and even more tea.  As much as you want.

All included in the very reasonable price of 7.50 for non-members.

The race course was interesting (we got lost a few times) and challenging in the strong headwinds. We managed about 2 hr 52 for the 18 miler (actually 16.7miles).  Don't expect  accurate times or rapid results, these events are more for fun.  They make great training runs for long distance races (e.g. Three Peaks, High Peak 40 etc.).

All in all a great fun and laid-back  event. The only room for improvement is the toilets (1 trap for >200 men on a Sunday morning was not enough).

2010 update:  

The 25th running of this event didn't disappoint, with food and drinks a plenty!  The 18 miler was quite foggy, especially over the moors leading up to Bull Hill.  
123 of the 214 starters opted for the 18 mile circuit.

2011 update:  

The event was brilliantly catered and organised as usual.  It was cold, rainy and foggy 
over the moors and quite a few runners took part.  There were two cases of mild exposure,
but the relevant runner has been warned not to do it again.     

Top tip: Remember to take dry clothes for the end.



Height Profile of Race (18 miler)

Height Profile of Race (25 miler, trace thanks to Paul Leary)


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