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Todmorden Winter 5K
(3 lap route)

'The finishing funnel in the grounds of the Todmorden cricket club

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 3.1 miles / 5 Km 3.1 miles / 5 Km
Total Climbs 60ft More than 60ft

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Well having bought a headtorch and having done a few off-road bat runs I though I'd have a go at the Todmorden Winter 5K races.  There are 4 in the series.

The start is at the cricket club and you can park there if you arrive early.  If not, there is plenty of parking just the other side of the raod.  Being at a cricket club the facilities are excellent, with  toilets and a bar.  Head torches were available for 3.  My usual headtorch is about 2,000 lumens (14 off Ebay) and this was well above the race limit of 50 lumens.  So I bought one there and it was rather like the Harry Enfield character - nice but dim.

Organisation was superb. Plenty of marshalls, bar code timing results on Internet within a couple of hours.  Great value for money.  The atmosphere was low key and thoroughly enjoyable.

I expected the route (now 3 laps, previously 5) to be pancake flat.  It wasn't (see below).  The three laps in the park mean a dozen 90 degree bends and two 180 degree turns, which slow you and eat into your time. Even so, I was happy with my time and the surfaces were all asphalt so very good to run on.  Occasionally a flower bed would apparently leap out at me, when the path diverted to the right and I hadn't realised it.  There were plenty of prizes (socks, jelly beans, wine etc.)

Everyone I spoke to loved this race.  Give it a go.

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