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Running in Sorrento and Sant Agnello, Italy

In August Sorrento and Sant Agnello are in the low 80s (high 20's) making running in the evening warm but quite do-able.

The area was surprising mountainous and there is loads to see and do, ideal for the hill runner who wants some sun too (e.g. visit Capri, Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Heculaneum, get a 7.20EUR bus pass for the day and see Positano, Amalfi and Ravello up in the mountains)

I was based in Sant Agnello and found three main running routes.  

1) There is a flat route along the main road into and beyond 
Sorrento (6 miles return).  
The main roads are very busy and the drivers insane, so you have to be careful,  
There are also quite a lot of fumes.

2) There is a scramble up to Hotel Prestige (1,600ft,  5 miles return).  Not great running but fantastic 
views of Mount Vesuvius on the way down.

3)   A 6 mile hilly road run on mostly quieter roads.  Head away from Sorrento towards Piano, right up the hill then left just before the bridge and then sharp right and up. Rough maps are shown below:


Flat route 1:


Hilly route 2 with profile below:



More runnable hilly route 3 with profile below


(C) John Mayall 2011