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Shelf Moor Fell Race, Old Glossop


Head for Glossop, in the centre take the road north, then turn right and down the hill into Old Glossop. Registration on Shepley Street. Find out more. Leave plenty of time to get there because its hard to find and Glossop has the occasional fair which closes the town centre and causes absolute chaos (e.g. on 5th September 2004).

Hard climb but generally good under foot with fast descent.  Beautiful views from summit over 2000' above sea level. River at end to wash legs and cool brain.

5 September 2004

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 5.9 Miles 5.9 Miles
Total Climbs 1500' 1500'

Maps Colour coded for route altitude




Height Profile of Race

First quarter: gentle climb.  Second quarter: steep climb. Final half: all down hill.




13 September 2007