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Saddleworth Edges Fell race

Registration at Tanners' Mill, Waterside, Greenfield (post code  OL3 7NH) 

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 9 miles 7.8 miles
Total Climbs 1050ft about 1,500ft

This race was run for the first time in 2012 and has some similarities to Ravenstone FR, but in reverse. Entry fee was 4.  In 2013 there were about 140 starters.  Suitable for those with little experience of fell running. 

The start is up a very steep hill to a stile with attendant traffic jam. Then it's a steadier path to the right, then up to the top of the universe.   The course has a bit of everything, including a sticky peat section, bogs, steep gradients, stream crossings and even a bit of tarmac at the end.  Results on internet the same day, plenty of toilets, adequate car parking.

Overall a well run event and an interesting course with some terrific views.



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