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  Radcliffe Three Day Challenge

July 2010

The haunted forest on Day 2... (picture by Phil Roberts)

2010 saw the inaugural Radcliffe Three Day Challenge, consisting of the following races on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday:

Race Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Bull Hill Fell Race (Day 1) 5.5 Miles 5.1 Miles / 1,080ft in 2013 (new route)
Summer Cross Country (Day 2) 5 miles 4.7 miles/ 670ft
Radcliffe 5 Mile Trail Race (Day 3) 5 miles 5.1 miles / 270 ft


The Bull Hill Fell Race on day 1 is described on another page (note new finish route in 2013)

The Summer Cross Country Race on day 2 is located down a long, dodgy road at Giant's Seat.  When you first arrive, the marked field looks pretty flat and boring.  But fear not, the bulk of this evil course is hidden away to the left and right.  Its a four lapper, each lap having a stream jump and some ascents and descents that wouldn't go amiss on a stunt mountain biking course. Also throw in a random wigwam and BBQ, a dark, probably haunted forest and there you have it.  Quite a few folk fell over, so take care.  Pictures.

The Radcliffe 5 Mile Trail Race (aka Woodcock's 5 Mile 'Multi Terrain' Race) on day 3 is mild compared to the first two days.  Its a fast, runnable trail, largely along canal banks.  Its worth doing, if only so you can say you ran a race near Nob End (see below). 

You could tell Radcliffe had put a lot of effort into ensuring the courses were well flagged and marshaled.  The toilet facilities were plentiful and hot drinks and snacks available. Results on internet the same day..

Routes on Day 2 (red) and 3 (blue):



                    Height Profile on Day 2:

Height Profile on Day 3:



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