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Well Heaton Parkrun is quite hilly, and so are the ones in Oldham and Stockport.  So to get a pb we headed off to Platt Fields Park to run with the South Manchester softies.  Intensive research indicated that this flat course would be 24 seconds faster than Heaton Park.  We also hoped to meet Lord Didsbury who frequents this event.

Then mother nature decided to have a laugh.  Relentless, heavy rain the night before and light rain on the morning resulted in conditions the organiser said were the worst he had seen.  Parts of the route are trail and these had flooded to below ankle depth.  

So the best laid plans did not work out, but this is definitely a flat course, albeit with quite a few slowing sharp bends, so I will be back 
for my pb another day when mother nature isn't looking.

There are toilet facilities and the results were out that afternoon. The course was also well marshalled.

UPDATE - went back a month later and the pb was duly bagged.  Lord Didsbury was in attendance, along with the camera crew (you just about make them out in the lowest picture below).

The finish line:


5th March 2011