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  Pendle Cloughs Fell Race

Downham, near Clitheroe, 8th May 2010

Beautiful Downham.
No road markings, TV aerials, sat dishes, pylons, telephone wires or food after 2pm.

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 14 Miles

Depends on route - 14m or a bit more

Total Climbs 3,900 ft 4,150 ft

This fell race is set in the beautiful village of Downham. Coaches of tourists turn up to see the village and we can race from there for a fiver!

Check out the men's loos which, in the nicest possible way, look like a converted pigsty (see below).

The race is difficult and in 2010 strong winds made the many climbs very hard work.  
Speed isn't everything, you also need hill endurance and ability to find 9 checkpoints and choose efficient routes.  Not suitable for beginners. The main dilemma is what route to take from CP5 to 6.    Finding CP8 can also be difficult, so follow someone from Clayton.  The marshals at some checkpoints kindly provide water.  Typically about 50 turn up, although there were about 83 in 2010 as it was a grand prix event.  About 5 did not finish.

The village has one pub and it stops serving food at 2pm = 3hr from race start.  So take some butties.

In dry weather trail shoes were OK for most of the race, although better grip would have been nice on the steeper descents.  In wet weather fell shoes would be better overall.

Very well organised - good quality colour map provided at start.  link to map.

Worth the trip just to see the loo


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