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  Running in Paphos, Cyprus
April 2010

Basilica of Ayia  Kyriaki (I think?)


Paphos has some nice coastal paths and some hills inland which can all be reached
without any transport.  The four routes I tried all started from the Aliathon Village ("AV"),  2.3  miles east of the centre of Paphos. 

Route 1, 14.7 miles rising to 675ft

Landsat route and profile

 From the AV cut straight across the dual carriage way and take the coastal
path right (East) into Pathos.  Before  the restaurant area turn right (North) and head up the path behind Debenhams.  See the pretty church (Basilica of Ayia  Kyriaki).  Carry on up and past the Hellenic Theatre ruins through the old quary cave area, marvel at the caves and, the old staircase then straight on and over the traffic lights.
Carry on upthe steep hill until the T junction where you turn right (East) onto the B6.  Anywhere in the village where the beautiful Agia  Paraskevi chrurch is situated, turn left and up the hill to the stone round thing.  
Take time there to 
enjoy the view and nurse all the scratches on your legs from this sharp scratchy plamts.   Then back the way you came..

Route 2, 4.6 miles flat - to the Fort and Back

From the AV cut straight across the dual carriage way and take the coastal path right (East).  Just keep going until you reach the wooden fort door then head back.  Along the way watch out for garotting fishing lines and trippy dog leads, please the restaurant area near the fort is very busy.

Route 3, 10Km flat

As route 2 but keep going straight on instead of touching the fort.  The path undulates down and when you reach the wooden posts at the dip that's 5K, then head back.

Route 4, coastalpath to the airport and back, 10K.

As route 2 but turn left (East) on the coastal path.  The good path soon runs out and but then you can run on tarmac and less good path, past the lovely drinking stations (which don't work) and you come to a fence with some old planes the other side.  Keep going half a mile, have kittens when the planes skim just over your head, then return to start.


Hellenic Theatre Ruins

The caves



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