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Madrid, Easter 2008

Due to the traffic and congested streets, its very difficult to run around the centre of Madrid.  Instead the place to run is in the Parque del Retiro. This beautiful park has a path around its rectangular circumferance and numerous windy paths in the middle.  There are quite a few jogging round it too.  You can easily make up your own 4 - 6 mile routes in there and see lots of sights along the way, such as the 'brain trees', well manicured gardens, the crystal palace, the lake monument to King Alfonso XII.  If you are really lucky you may see a Japanese wedding or even the local loony.  Surprisingly Madrid is about 2000ft above sea level.

Typical run round Parque del Retiro, Madrid:

A 'brain tree'

Well manicured gardens

Japanese wedding photographs

The local nutter



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