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Littleborough 5K

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 5 km 5 km
Total Climbs N/A ~200'

There are a number of different names for the Littleborough 5K races, including Ron Hill, Vera Hurst, Brenda Robinsoson, Littleborough Lions and so on.  What they all have in common is they are charity events run by Andems Runners (Andy O'Sullivan and his team of committed helpers) or Littleborough Lions, usually with assistance from Rochdale Harriers. 

Charity or not, these are hard fought races on a tough course that includes the evil hill up Smithy Bridge Road.  Winning times are typically sub-15 minutes with the course record of 14 min 20'ish seconds.  Typically over 200 runners turn out, mostly Club runners, which aint bad for an evening race mid week.

Andy makes sure everyone gets a prize - usually chocolate, biscuits or a T-shirt from another event (be it a half marathon or diving event).  The pub often puts on free sandwiches and soup.

Great atmosphere and well attended, even when run on consecutive weeks.

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