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  World Masters Mountain Racing Championships Korbielów, Poland
28th August 2010

Recce the day before the race, part way up Mount Pilsko


Stats: 4.8 miles, 3,200ft ascent

The race route from Korbielow up Pilsko seems to be a well used one with some history.

The start line is down in Korbielow, at the front of Hotel Pilsko at about 2,000ft.  The route starts on tarmac and is not too steep for the first couple of km.  Then there is a sharp left and the steepness increases considerably.  The latter part of the route is on mud and stone slabs, a little rougher than your typical WMRA race and more interesting as a result.  The last 1km or so is along a path which marks the border between Poland and the Slovak Republic.  In dry weather racing flats (road shoes) would probably be fine, but in wet weather trail shoes (Mizuno Wave Harrier) or very light fell shoes are better.  The course was a nice one in my opinion.

Korbielow is very near the border with the Slovak Republic.  Most people don't speak English or German and communicating can be difficult.  The town has a pizza place with an English menu (and good food at reasonable prices).  Beer costs about 5 zlotties (£1.20) per pint.  The run up the road to the Slovak Republic was enjoyable, it takes you up to about 2,700ft and the round trip is about 5 miles.

Of the 100+ races I have done, this one had the worst organisation. Read more

Next year's WMRA 2011 mountain race is in Paluzza, Italy.   The course is based on a 5K circuit with 160m total ascent (yes, 160m).  Under 55s do 2 laps and 55+ run one lap.  Thats about 500ft or 1,000ft total ascent, depending on age.  My one experience of racing in Italy was that the organisation was brilliant (Drei Zinnen in the Dolomites).

Race route from top of image to bottom in red, with the yellow border with Slovakia overlapping the latter part.

Height profile


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