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Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race
19th July 2015

Registration is in a building just behind the Church. You can see the finish tape below, in the parking field.

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 11.9 Miles 11.6 Miles
Total Climbs 3,300ft 3,300ft
.crs .tcx myrun

(in 2012 entry was 6 for pre-entry and 10 on day.  Official website.  1 min 57 in this youtube video compilation looks like Kentmere)

There was ample parking in a field at the start.  The entry and exit a a bit dodgy, so don't take a car with low, sports suspension.  Registration is in hall behind the church (see below) where there was also tea, coffee, fabulous cakes (the carrot cake was superb) and a wide range of sandwiches on sale.  There were plenty of toilets and a stream to wash you legs at the end.

The course started with a long slog up, and then round, keeping the reservoir always to your right.  In 2012 we had fog which got a few runners lost, including the leading pack. At the furthest point (High Street) they mark your hand to show you passed that point.  The wind was horrendous in 2012, for about 4 - 6 miles heading South it was almost impossible for the mortals amongst us to run.  With gail force gusts of up to 100kph I had to hold onto a rock at one point until it dropped a little.

It is not necessary to hit the top of every peak during the race - the experienced runners contoured a few of them.

The descent is quite technical - bogs that wet your shoes and rocks that were slippy in wet shoes.  When you hit the bottom, the run in to the end is a surprisingly long way. 2 DNFs in 2012.

Update 2015:  the 40th anniversary running of this race was very well organised.  Entry and results were via SiEntries and there were 3 dibber check points along the way.   Results out same day

Due to the large amount of ascent and the potential for adverse weather I'd say this is one for fell runners with some experience (not necessarily lots, but some).

The car park (race day only):

Map and profile (red shows the route I took and blue is the route on the
Kendal AC website):



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