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Joss Naylor Challenge, Leg 2 

The rough, steep descent of Fairfield, with the trod to Seat Sandle ahead (bottom left of picture)

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Distance - 7.2 miles
Total Climbs - 3,000 ft climb, 3,700ft descent
Electronic trace .gpx (thanks to Mark Hobson for this) .mmo (requires memory map)

This leg packs an awful lot of ascent, and even more descent, into a short distance.  None of us had done this leg before and so we used a Garmin 305 with the route programmed in as a guide, together with maps.  There was plenty of parking space on the car park opposite the Kirkstone Pass Inn. The Leg starts at the gate at the top of the car park, after the runner has rested for 2 minutes.

 The route looked very straightforward from the map, but there were quite a few points we could have very easily gone the wrong way. The main point to look out for is that after bagging the final peak, Seat Sandal, you come to a final pile of rocks.  There is a neat trod ahead of you tempting you down to Dunmail, But beware, this is a false friend.  It will take you too far South and then it is a slow contour across. So at the final pile of rocks (i.e. pile AFTER, not at Fairfield summit), head right and you eventually reach a brilliant trod that quickly takes you all the way down, past the pointy rock, neatly through the heather, to Dunmail raise. Then it is 5 minutes rest and on to Leg 3

We decided to go back to Kirkstone pass the way we came.  This was really hard work, with 700ft more ascent than Leg 2 as Kirkstone Pass is higher than Dunmail Raise.

Map, profile and 14hr schedule:   


Beware, ignore the false friend trod after Seat Sandal, take red route (not blue)


          3D map 



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