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Joss Naylor Challenge, Leg 3 

From Dunmail Raise to Sty Head Pass, Cumbria, Lancs, 5th June 2010

The descent from Great End to Sty Head cross roads, end of Leg 3, with Great Gable rising at the beginning of Leg 4

  Measured Statistics
Distance 10.5 Miles
Total Climbs ~4,800 ft

More information on the Joss Naylor Challenge and also see Leg 2 and Leg 4

Pictures from Leg 3

The Joss Naylor Challenge is a 48 mile point-to-point challenge for ladies and gentlemen of at least 50 years of age.  The time allowed depends on age and gender, for example a 50-54 year old man is allowed 12 hours and 60-64 year olds are allowed 18 hours.  Hill and road support are required, including navigator and back pack carriers, with the total team for 3 runners comprising about 30-35.  So you need quite a few fit mates to have a go at this one and military precision. 

The JNC route for leg 3 (red) overlaps to some extent with the Bob Graham leg 3 (blue):











The peaks covered on leg 3 and profiles are as follows:



I wore fell shoes, but as it was a dry day I reckon good trail shoes would have been OK (and more comfortable, though with less upper and toe protection).  The great man joined us at Sty Head with one of his dogs and a grand day out was had by all.




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