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Hyndburn Cross Country Course
Clayton-le-moors, November 2015

Race location: Wilson Playing Field, Clayton Hall Drive, Clayton-le-Moors, Accrington BB5 5SD

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 6.2 miles 5.6 miles
Total Climbs -  

Update 2015:  the course had changed again this year and it was a proper XC course.  Masses of mud, climbs, forests, I really liked it.  You had to be very careful not to trip or do your ankle on the numerous roots though.  Be VERY careful on this one.  It was so muddy that as we started running forwards from the start line, some folk fell and slid sideways across the path of runners like a bowling ball trying to take down skittles, you couldn't help but laugh. 

Past report:

The 2010 senior men's course (Red Rose) was quite an interesting route with plenty of that stuff that there is nothing quite like for cooling the blood.  

The race was very well attended and there were some very good athletes on display.  As with most cross country courses I have done, the actual mileage was quite a lot shorter than advertised.

The route was quite trippy and several folk had nasty falls. Apparently one runner finished with his teeth sticking through his lip. 

There were plenty of loos, a cafe, men's showers and road parking off-site.

Results were delayed through many folk apparently running in the wrong race (?).

A hard course, but very enjoyable for those who managed to stay on their feet.


2015 men's course:

2015 men's course:


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