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Hawkshead Trail Race


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15km (9.3m)

16.5km (10.2m)

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In 2011 the course was changed to make the start and end in the same field (instead of starting in the village).  This extended the course by about 1.5km beyond the advertised 15km.

The course was pretty, challenging and, on the rainy in 2011, quite slippery under foot.  One person was stretchered off the 'Coffin Trail' section of the course.

The 2011 advertising mentioned a bouncy castle, bouncy slide and other entertainments.  These were not present.   A 99 (ice cream with flake) cost 1.70, a small plate of pasta 3.50, coffee 1.75, so to save money it may be best to take your own lunch.  This year there were no team prizes and the' numerous on the spot prizes' were less numerous than in our local races costing only 5 and not that great (e.g. a bottle of wine).

All in all an anjoyable race but, in my opinion, over priced and under prized.  The fell races in the Northern Lakes have more dramatic scenery and are significantly less expensive.


8th May 2011