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  Tallinn, Estonia
April 2011

Vabariigi Presidendi Kantsele, set in 250 acres of parkland, ideal for a run in Tallinn  
This was one of three wedding parties I saw on a Saturday


Measured Statistics


5.6 Miles round trip

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, just south of Finland and next to Russia.  Easyjet have cheap flights there from Liverpool.  The city is beautiful and the Old Town has World Heritage status.  For 50 return you can have a day out in Helsinki, Finland, travelling the 1.5hr journey by catamaran.

The old town is too higgledy piggledy for running.  The roads are cobbled and its not good under foot.

The best option is to go exploring, running out of town to the 250 acre Kadriorg Park.  The road to the park is a bit boring but once there you have Vabariigi Presidendi Kantsele (above) and its gardens to explore.    I went on a Saturday and this seems to be the day newlyweds go there for their wedding pictures.  The ladies wore white mink short jackets with their wedding dresses and there was the odd stretched limo.

The total distance from Tallinn Old Town to Kadriorg Park and back was about 9km (5.4 miles).  

Tallin Old Town

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