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Dubrovnik Hill

Its not a race but if in Dubrovnik and you are pining for a run you can do worse than run up the hill overlooking the old city.  From the Old Town North Entrance head up the hill to the main road. Go south until about the second lay-by and you will see a path leading up.  Go to the top.  Take plenty of drinking water! 

Measured August 2005

  Measured Statistics
Distance 5.3 miles
Total Climbs c.a. 1500'

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Route up from Dubrovnik Old Town (North entrance) to top of Hill


One of the few remaining signs in Dubrovnik of the war all sides lost - the old cable Car station at the top of Dubrovnik Hill (taken August 2005).  For great mountains go south 2.5 hours to Montenegro (Kotor).  For more war history go 3 hours north to Bosnia (Mostar - beautiful but sad).





13 September 2007