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  Crete, Stalis/Malia Mountain Run

August 2008

Mount Selena, picture taken from Stalis near Malia, Crete

  Measured Statistics
Distance 13.4 Miles
Total Climbs 2,900ft
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Crete has some pretty tasty mountains, the nearest to the resorts of Malia and Stalis being Selena (about 6000ft I think).

I didn't manage to find my way to the top of Selena, but even so there are some good trails that peak at 2,500ft which are reachable from the resorts without any transport.  The way up is very hot and for most of the route there are no streams or cafes for drinking water.  I got through about 1.3 litres of fluids on a relatively cool day (about 28C) and 500ml more when I hit civilisation on the way down.  Essential gear includes lots of fluids, mobile phone, money for extra fluids, cap, extra sun cream, emergency food and decent running shoes.  I ran the first and last 5 miles (tarmac) and walked the middle 3.4 (steep trails with loose, ankle turny boulders).  


Overall this is the route:

From Stalis, ignore the minor road through the resort and instaed  head south (away from the sea) until you hit the main road into Malia. Go left down this  road, towards Malia.  In the town take the right turn towards Lasithi Plateaux and the road winds uphill all the way. 
At 550ft there is a sub station on the right.   You can hear the goat bells on the hills as you ascend.  Before the factory you may find a copy of greek Playboy discarded by one of the lorry drivers. Carry on up and there 
is a sharp left hand bend with a derelict  building on it:  

As you carry on you see the entrance to the trail:

There is a map showing various trails:

Go through the Gate, closing it behind you to keep the goats in:

At first there is some nice tree cover but that soon vanishes:

Follow the orange track ever upwards (heading towards the camera in the picture below):

It gets pretty hot and dry here:

Go on up to the tree.

The path actually forks here, although its very easy to miss it. I took the Azilakas route to the left.  
Another path goes right but I didn't get a chance to explore this:

The path skirts round the mountain:

Great views open up, of Sisi I think:

Eventually the trail ends abruptly:

So you turn round and head back. The only point you are likely to get lost is at the junction by the tree,  
The path you should take is the lower one (see below, taken from the wrong path which I accidentally took):



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