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Cowm Race, Whitworth

(AKA The Colin Robinson MT Race and The Joe Salt New Year's Awakener)

Trace 1 Jan 2008

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 4.2 Miles 4.1 Miles
Total Climbs Not Advertised 400'
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This race is known as the Joe Salt NYD Awakener Multi-Terrain race (1 Jan each year) and the Colin Robinson MT race (April).  Both are organised by Andy O'Sullivan MBE and his team. 

The usual route is a road start and finish, with a small lap around Cown ressie followed by a big lap up and through the quarry, with a blisteringly fast finish.  The ascent on the big lap us slippery and the quarry has lots of rocks in it which are very easy to trip over.  While this is a short race it is a little gem.  In bad weather (e.g. snow) the course can be changed to 3 laps of the ressie.

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01 January 2008  
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