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  Clayton Vale Cross Country

SELCC League, Top Secret Location in

The ladies race 2010

  Measured Statistics

Men: 6.2 miles = 4 laps

Total Climbs Not many


A fast, mostly unmuddy cross country course with undulations and one small climb on each lap.  Quite fun actually.  No toilets. Small number of runners.  Plenty of parking even when City (known locals as "more draws than Ikea") are at home to Arsenal. Results on day.

2009 update: The location of this race is so secret that not even the competitors know where it is. However in another great exclusive I can now reveal that you should set your sat nav for the junction of Riverpark Road and Ten Acres lane or use this google map.  Thoroughly enjoyable course, with spikes being the better shoe to my mind. Course has one small but muddy climb on each lap (see below).  

Quite a few litter bugs this year, leaving lots of banana skins, bottles, cake wrappers etc.  on the picnic table.  They run 6.4 miles but won't walk 100 yards to the bin, tut tut. 

2010 update: number of runners up 10-20% this year.  Perfect running conditions and little mud, even on then climb.  Still no toilets.  I had forgotten what a great finish this course has - a longish flat trail section, then a 90 degree right down a slippery hill, and finally a 90 degree left and straight sprint to the finish.  You could hear the opposing fans at the city game from the course, roaring like a train (city drew).   Bins nicely used.  My legs were unusually tired the next day.

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Some good, fast paths:

And a nice muddy climb on each lap:



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