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Calderdale Way Relay Race, Leg 5 

19th December 2006

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 7.6 Miles

7.5 Miles

Total Climbs



100 teams run this race each year, with 2 runners on each of 6 legs.  That makes 1200 loonies in total.  

The start in 2006 on Wainstalls road was blisteringly cold, but after only about a mile the hat, gloves and caggy came off.  The start has narrow, wet and muddy.  At parts it feels like you are going through someone's garden (they have put a gate across a public right of way).  Short sections are on road and cobbles.  The stone steps down to Shibden Brook are lethal - very slippery - beware.  All in all a tiring 7.6 miles but damn good fun.   Very well run and a credit to Halifax Harriers.



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