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Bull Hill Fell Race


From Boardman's Farm, 10 minutes walk to start from Wagon & Horses, Hawkshaw, Bury. 

2013 Update:

The route changed in 2013, with a new finish shown in red below.  The new finish has the advantage of avoiding the previous field which has mud made uneven by cows, then baked hard into an ankle worst nightmare.  It has the disadvantage that the paths in the last mile are very narrow, making it very difficult  to pass slow climbers or descenders.  The finish is up hill.  Also the 2013 course is 0.4 miles shorter and has very slightly less ascent.  The race was very well marshalled and there was water at the end.    

2009 Update:

The route has now been modified slightly - it finishes in a different field, with the run to the end being quite uneven, further than you might think and pretty hard work.  Still very enjoyable.2007 -This is a little cracker of a course. The 2007 event was run on an autumnal summers evening with the clag down over the tops. Those looking forward to the usual smell of rotting sheep on the tops were not disappointed.  The 120+ competitors were rewarded with a proper fell course with slippery grassy descents, paths that were part stream, mud, rocks, steep ascents (though no scrambles) and a fantastic blast down through a field at the end.  Everyone I spoke to absolutely loved it.  Chip butties at end were 1. Results on Tinternet the same evening.  Not hard, but not easy either.


Measured 11th July 2013

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance 5.5 miles 2013 Course 5.1 miles

2007 Course 5.5 miles 
(previous course 5.2 miles)

Total Climbs 1100' 
Electronic route traces .csv (2007 route)

.gpx (2013 route, requires free program 7-zip to open)

.mmo (2007 route,
requires memory map)

3D Map (Old route in blue, but note new end in 2013, shown in red)


Profile (2013 route)

Profile (old route)


(C) John Mayall 2013