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Bratislava, capital of the Slovak Republic

13th April 2009

Colourful Bratislava at night


Bratislava is probably the best capital city I have run in.  It has some decent hills and nice parks (especially Horsky Park at the top of a steep hill).  All this within a few miles.

In this run I started near Michalska Brana in the old city.   From there it's a steady slog up to Bratislava castle, through the grounds then down the steps and south to the Danube.  Every capital city has its nutter (ref: Madrid run page) and Bratislava's nutter, also bench bound, lurks  in the Castle grounds.  

Near the Danube you can run under the War of the Worlds bridge to the other side where you find a footpath south along the bridge side.  At the end of the bridge under the alien spaceship, turn eft along the Danube through Sad Jranka Krafa Park.  Look out for the trainee tight rope walker.  

From there I took the next bridge North, past the blue church and Bratisvlava palace.   Then it was up  up a steep hill with grave entrances up steps on either side, to Horsky Park, note the church at top.  After looking at the church head west (past a nice cafe to your right) and do a loop around the park.  

Then go down past the US embassy with a phoney white house. Go across to the war memorial for fantastic views of the city, e.g. of the castle, then back down to Michalska Brana.  If you are lucky you may even see a wedding.

With Ryanair now flying to Bratislava for a mere 3 times the initially advertised price (40 return actually means 120 return), this destination will become increasingly popular.  Its only a 9 EURO return train journey from Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria.  Thats another story ...


  Measured Statistics
Distance 7.3 Miles
Total Climbs 1,600ft

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17 April 2009