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Cross Country at Boggart Hole Clough
Blackley, Manchester,

Halloween 2009

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance NA Men: 5.8 - 5.9 Miles
Total Climbs NA Men: ~400ft

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Location: head for Charlestown Rd, Blackley, Manchester

A number of the Manchester cross country leagues use Boggart Hole Clough as a venue, including the South East Lancs league (SELCC).

Normally I complete cross country races by saying how much I hate cross country. Not this one.

The course is quite convoluted and has a bit of everything: hills, loads of mud, sodden grass, paths, forest paths, bridges and all sorts.   The route ends up with you crossing the finish line running in the opposite direction from not long before.

The only logical explanation for this mysterious about face turn is a tear in the fabric of the Universe near Charlsetown road.  Its a much more interesting course than Chesham Fields (boring laps round a field) and has more character than say  Clayton Vale.  

As for shoes - the mud favours spikes - but there are some long tarmac sections which would favour fell shoes.

The men's course is 3 laps.



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