Andy O Sullivan's 25th Anniversary Race

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Andy O'Sullivan's 25th Anniversary Race

Littleborough, Sunday 2nd September 2007


  Advertised Stats Measured Statistics
Distance 5 miles

5 Miles

Total Climbs N/A

 ~ 450 ftMap traces

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This race was to celebrate Andy O'Sullivan's 25th anniversary of organizing charity races.  About 200 folk attended on a wet and blustery Sunday morning.  I was expecting a gentle run around some pretty trails with maybe some slight undulations.  Wrong.  This is a tough 5 miles.  It starts on a steep uphill climb up towards Lydgate Hamlet, past the farm where you register for the Blackstone Edge Fell Race, down the hill then right onto the trail.  From there its pretty much uphill for 2 miles, then downhill for 2.5 miles.  A pretty and nice course but not easy.






22 October 2007