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Aberystwyth Parkrun

The start of the Aber Parkrun


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Probably 5K (see below)

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0 ft

The challenge on this one was to do the 5K and get back to my hotel for a full Welsh breakfast before the restaurant closed at 09:30 am.

The Aber Parkrun is quite an unusual course.  You start where the above photo is taken and run along the central path (see above) to a cone, where you turn by 180 degrees and run back to the start. Then its 3 laps out on the right path and back on the left.  Finally you run along the central path back to the cone, finishing in a different place from the start.

The course is pancake flat and very fast.  However there is one 180 degree turn and twelve 90 degree turns (4 on each lap) which slow you down. So all in all a fast course with quite a few sharp turns.  Probably a PB course, unless like me you have too many San Miguels the night before.

My GPS watch measured the course as being 150m short.  But this is probably because the long/lat coordinates are sampled only periodically and the 13 sharp turns resulted in the GPS 'cutting corners'.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and the one to watch for the future is young swimmer Ollie T, he is fast and getting faster!

And I got back to the Richmond Hotel at 9:35am and had a fantastic fry up!

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The green gates mark the entrance to the Aber Parkrun, just between the roundabout and the station


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