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Foe Edge Fell Race

Cowpe, Waterfoot, Lancashire

1st May 2014

Race HQ at the Cowpe Community Centre


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Measured Statistics


6.6 km

4.5 miles / 7.2 Km

Total Climbs


300m / 1000ft

Official route map and downloadable Garmin  route

Leave plenty of time to get to this race as its a bit remote.  Head for Cowpe Road, Waterfoot, Rossendale.
Registration is in the building shown above.  

There is a road to the left of the building and you go up there and the race start and finish is in a field at the top on the right.  The race starts with an extremely steep climb up the field which leads through a gate and then to a decent path.  Its a long slog up until you join the Pennine Bridleway (MTL final Leg) at which point you turn right and trundle up to the trig point on Cowpe Lowe.  Then its back down to the Pennine Bridleway and up towards Waugh's Well.  Before you get to the Well its a 90 degree right, down and up to the top of Whittle Pike (the hill with the cross on).  After that bit of muddy, bog trotting across the moor, you meet the rough, very trippy path that leads down past Waugh's Well.  Finally, its back down the path you slogged up at the beginning.

This is a relatively short, sharp shock of a fell race with a hard start and great finish. The course was well flagged and marshalled and the organisation was top-notch.  There were free hot drinks and biscuits at the end and the results were out the next morning, thanks to Jim Godwin at Rossendale Harriers.  Suitable for beginners, bearing in mind that you will be doing a lot of walking in the first half as it is so steep.  

Take plenty of warm, dry clothes for the presentation in case the heating in the Community Centre is not on.

Elevation Profile

3D race map


2nd May 2014 (C) John  Mayall